I finally published my thesis as a book. You can download it here or buy it here.

I have submitted a short paper to the EGOS Colloquium in Montreal (Sub-theme 35) together with Robert Bauer. Our short paper with the title “Consumer-focused crowdsourcing: Seductive illusions with far reaching consequences” was accepted.

I will also attend the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management in Orlando. Leonard Dobusch (FU Berlin), Robert Bauer, Claudia Müller-Birn (FU Berlin) and I (2nd author) were accepted with our paper: “Between Crowd and Community: Organizing Online Collaboration in Open Innovation and Beyond.

Robert Bauer and I gave a talk at the #rp13-conference in Berlin. You can download the slides here. I am happy that we received positive feedback for our talk (“Eine wirklich lohnende Stunde” , “Sehr sympathische Redner“). Also have a look at spreeblick.com, they provide a comprehensive list of all #rp13-related sources (videos, pictures and ebooks). You should absolutely have a look at the closing ceremony, the nerd choir.

I participated at the first Young Scholars Workshop at Johannes Kepler University Linz, where I presented the first concept for my dissertation. The workshop was organized by Prof. Guiseppe Delmestri (JKU Linz), Prof. Wolfgang Güttel (JKU Linz) and Prof. Tina Ambos (U. of Sussex) who invited Renate Meyer (WU Wien), Tatiana Kostova (U. of South Carolina),  Elango Elangovan (U. of Victoria), Mike Lounsbury (U. of Alberta) and Royston Greenwood (U. of Alberta) to give us young scholars feedback. Images of the workshop can be found here.

The course outline for my course “Current topics in webscience” can be found here.

When I was in Toronto on exchange (2009/10) I attended a design class. One of my projects dealt with the role of smileys in (digital) communication. I just found out that a article of stadtmagazin.com used one of my pictures for an article.

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