Rewind and Fast Forward

2014 was a very exciting and productive year. I presented my work at several conferences and workshops and submitted two manuscripts to international journals (both manuscripts are still under review).

At the Academy of Management Meeting in Philadelphia (August 2014) I had the opportunity to get feedback from top scholars in our field for my dissertation proposal. I volunteered for the OMT Division to increase the social media presence at the AOM Meeting. I also was a reviewer for the OMT division. Royston Greenwood taught me the necessary skills in a course at the University of Alberta.

My supervisor Robert Bauer and I are working on a manuscript on crowdsourcing. Our conference submission was accepted for the Open- and User Innovation Workshop at Harvard Business School (August 2014). The paper is currently under review; we hope to get it published soon.

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I co-developed the idea for establishing a web-based urban-maintenance reporting tool in Linz (“Schau.auf.Linz“). The platform also received the eAward and other cities in Austria launch their platforms using the Schau.auf.Linz software (e.g. Bregenz).

I contributed to two academic projects associated with “Schau.auf.Linz”: First, Stefan Etzelstorfer (Master student at JKU Linz), Dennis Hilgers (Professor at the Institute for Public and Non Profit Management) and I wrote an article on Local Open Government and discussed how Local Open Government is beneficial for the tourism industry (“Opening up Government: Citizen Innovation and new modes of collaboration in Austria”). This chapter will be published in the book Open Tourism – Open Innovation, Crowdsourcing and Collaborative Consumption challenging the tourism industry (Springer Verlag). Second, Stefan Etzelstorfer, Phillip Allerstorfer (Master-student in Web Science Program at JKU Linz), Wendy Cukier (Ryerson University) and Jaigris Hodson and I wrote a short piece for the Collective Intelligence Conference at MIT (Poster Presentation, June 2014). The paper can be accessed here.

Together with Leonhard Dobusch, I wrote a paper for the Open Strategy Workshop at Oxford (July 2014). We already submitted another version of the paper to the AOM Meeting 2015 in Vancouver.

I visited several crowdsourcing industry conferences this year, the Crowdopolis Conference in San Francisco (July 2014), the Crowdsourcing Week in Brussels (June 2014) and the Crowdsourcing Dialog in Munich (November 2014). Crowdsourcing is an exciting phenomenon to study; the growing number of conferences indicate that the “industry” is still growing.

We closed the year with a meeting of the DOC-team Advisory Board. The two days generated a lot of insight for our research team (Doris Graß, Maria Dammayr and I), which is funded by the Austrian Academy of Sciences. The current list of our publications and conference presentations can be accessed here.

Looking forward

In 2015, the focus of my work will be the data collection for my dissertation. Moreover, I will attend some conferences: A revised version of the paper I have written with Maria Paola Ometto and Johanna Winter (“Losing the Activist Spirit: Institutional Complexity, Mission Drift, and Institutional Logics”) was accepted for the NIT Workshop in Vienna (I also attended the last workshop in Rome, May 2014). As mentioned before, I plan to attend the AOM Meeting in Vancouver. Moreover, I contribute to the organization of the 3rd Early Scholars Workshop in Linz.

What’s new

Our re:publica presentation was featured on the Think Act / Digital Impact blog of Roland Berger Strategy consultants and on the Jovoto Blog. In addition, I recommend watching the video of Florian Alexander Schmidt, who focused on crowdsourcing design in his re:publica talk.

Maria Paola Ometto, Johanna Winter and I submitted our full paper to the EGOS Sub-theme 60: Rethinking Responses to Institutional Complexity (Convenors: Royston Greenwood, University of Alberta; Patrick Vermeulen, Radboud University; and Charlene Zietsma, York University). The title of paper is: Losing the Activist Spirit: Institutional Complexity, Mission Drift, and Institutional Logics. The empirical context for our paper is ITCP-FGV (a student-run incubator within an Brazilian university). The organization is part of the Solidarity Economy Movement in Brazil. We examine the mechanisms that led to a mission drift; consequently, the organization lost its activist spirit.

Moreover, I am participating at the OMT Dissertation Proposal Workshop at the Academy of Management Meeting 2014 in Philadelphia, which is a great opportunity to take my work to the next level.

The 2nd Austrian Early Scholars Workshop in Management

The 2nd Austrian Early Scholars Workshop in Management took place last week at Johannes Kepler University (JKU). This workshop is an opportunity for young academics and PhD students to present their research and discuss it with colleagues and professors from JKU and partner universities from Austria and other countries. The workshop convenors, Giuseppe Delmestri, Chair of the Institute of Organization & Global Management Education (JKU) and Robert Bauer, Deputy Chair of the Institute of Organization & Global Management Education (JKU) gathered faculty from international universities and JKU to led the workshop:

  • Julia Brandl, Professor of Human Resource Management at the Institute of Organisation & Learning (University of Innsbruck)
  • Gili Drori, Professor of Sociology and Anthropology at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Royston Greenwood, Professor of Strategic Management at the Alberta School of Business (University of Alberta)
  • Markus Höllerer, Senior Lecturer of Organization Theory at the Australian School of Business (UNSW)
  • Candace Jones, Professor of Management & Organization at Boston College and Chair for the Organization and Management Division of the Academy of Management
  • Renate Meyer, Professor of Organization Studies (WU Vienna) and President of the European Group for Organization Studies (EGOS)
  • Matthias Fink, Professor of Innovation Management at JKU
  • Dorothea Greiling, Professor of Management Accounting at JKU and Chair of the Public Business Administration Section of the German Academic Association for Business Research (VHB)
It was a pleasure to help with organizing this workshop. I am looking forward to next year´s workshop.

On Remixing Resources

As mentioned in my last blog post, Dave Valliere and I have published an article in the International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, with the title:  “Entrepreneurial remixing: bricolage and postmodern resources

The article can be accessed here. You can find the abstract of the paper below.

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New publication, EGOS and Global Solution Networks

Dave Valliere and I have written a paper on “Entrepreneurial remixing: bricolage and postmodern resources”. The paper will be published in the International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (February 2014 issue). I will soon provide a link to the pdf.-file of this article.

My research stay at University of Alberta resulted in a fruitful research collaboration with Maria Paola Ometto (Fundacao Getulio Vargas – Sao Paulo – Brazil) and Johanna Winter (WU Vienna University of Economics and Business). We submitted a paper with the title “Institutional complexity through acquiring funding sources: responses of social movement organizations” to the 30th EGOS Colloquium (2014) in Rotterdam (Sub-theme 60: Rethinking Responses to Institutional Complexity). Our short paper was accepted; Paola is first author, I am second, Johanna third.

Don Tapscott and the Martin Prosperity Institute at the University of Toronto launched a research program to study the potential of global web-based networks for cooperation, problem solving and governance. I worked with Don on an initial exploration of this topic. The results can be found on the website of the Global Solution Networks Program.

I am also teaching next term in the master program Webscience. I will make the course outlines available soon.


I am currently recipient of a three year DOC-team-fellowship of the Austrian Academy of Sciences at the Institute of Organization and Global Management Studies at Johannes Kepler University (JKU) in Linz, Austria. The scholarship started 1st of July 2013. My colleagues in the DOC-Team are MMag.a Maria Dammayr and Mag.a Doris Grass. The newspaper of the Johannes Kepler University wrote about our achievement of receiving this grant in their November issue (2013/64, see p.18). Here is the link to our official homepage and our facebook group.