Thomas Gegenhuber is Juniorprofessor (“Assistant Professor”) for Business Administration, in particular, Digital Transformation, at the Leuphana University Lüneburg. Fellowships awarded by the Austrian Academy of Sciences (DOC-team and Post-DocTrack-Pilotprogram) and the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy (Marietta Blau Grant), enabled  Thomas to pursue his doctoral studies at the Institute for Organization at Johannes Kepler University (JKU) in Linz, Austria (to which he is still affiliated). Under the umbrella of digital transformation, Thomas Gegenhuber conducts research on novel forms of organizing, crowdsourcing, various forms of openness (open strategy, open innovation, and open government) and (cultural) entrepreneurship in a digital economy. His work appears in several books and international journals, and he speaks at academic as well as practitioner-oriented conferences. Dedicated to collaborative learning and sharing his experience, Thomas loves to teach and mentor students’ projects.

Driven to contribute to a better world, Thomas has worked several years in leadership positions for political nonprofit organizations and for Wikonomics author Don Tapscott’s Toronto-based Think Tank. He joined Don in researching “Global Solution Networks,” a project dedicated to analyzing multi-stakeholder networks’ role in tackling global problems. Furthermore, he is an open government advocate and contributes to such projects in Linz, such as developing the idea of the urban maintenance platform “Schau.auf.Linz.”

Apart from Linz (& Bad Hall), Thomas has lived in Edmonton, Edinburgh, Hamburg, and Toronto; he currently resides in Berlin. Coffee shops, ranging from the classical Vienna “Kaffeehaus” to the North American style coffee shop, are his favorite work places around the world, and a source of creativity.

Thomas loves to hang out with friends and experience memorable moments. He regularly visits exhibitions, reads popular literature, attends concerts or the theatre, and enjoys listening to his vinyl or the radio. Samuel Beckett’s saying, “Try Again. Fail again. Fail better” serves as a leitmotiv in his actions, so it comes at no surprise that one of Thomas Gegenhuber’s passions – along with playing the trombone – is performing in improvisational theatre. He loves to stroll around exploring cities, and has a playfulness reflected in his frequent card and board games, or bocce in the summer. For a break from the computer, Thomas pursues activities such as bicycling, swimming, dancing, and escaping into nature for a hike.

E-Mail: thomas.gegenhuber[at]leuphana.de

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