Organizing in Times of Crisis course wins international teaching award

Leonhard Dobusch (University of Innsbruck) and Elke Schüßler (University of Linz) brought together scholars to create a collaborative open course for master programs in Business Administration, Management and Organization Studies. Daniel Geiger (University of Hamburg), Ali Gümüsay (HIIG Berlin), Jochen Koch (European University Viadrina), Hannah Trittin-Ulbrich (Leuphana University), Jörg Sydow (FU Berlin) and I contributed to this course.

This course won the “Ideas Worth Teaching Award”, which is one of the most prestigious awards for teaching in business and management education. This award is hosted by the the Business & Society Program within the renowned Aspen Institute. I am very proud that I contributed to a course which was among the nine winners of the 2020 competition – selected out of over 100 nominations.

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