Opening week and #WirVsVirus Research

For the third time I am a co-host of the Leuphana Welcoming Week welcoming all incoming students to our university. Since we currently face a pandemic, the university devised a plan to divide the students into cohorts (so that everyone can come to campus) and built entire study in the auditorium of the Libeskind Zentralgebäude so we can broadcast a morning show, keynote talks and discussions to all students. I am proud of my university to put so much work by seeking to provide our first year students the best possible experience.

I also enjoy the opening week, because I get the opportunity to talk with interesting minds, such as the science journalist Ranga Yogeshwar.

#WirVsVirus OECD Blog post 

Johanna Mair (Stanford/Hertie) and I launched a research project on open social innovation. Laura Thäter and Rene Lührsen joined our team and on of the first outputs we published together is a blog post for the OECD Observatory for Public Sector Innovation (OPSI), a global forum for public sector innovation.


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