Thomas Gegenhuber receives research award from Cambridge Digital Innovation for research on digital innovation

Platform-driven business models take over the world. Nevertheless, looking at the development of platforms more closely, the story becomes more complicated. Despite the forward-looking, technology-embracing rhetoric of platforms convincing consumers, platforms face resistance from other critical stakeholders. Take Uber: it realizes within the last few years that regulators still matter and are critical to the platform’s success. From an institutional perspective, this is not surprising. Legitimacy matters – from all stakeholders.

These and other themes are discussed in an article that deploys an institutional perspective to examine digital innovation and transformation. Bob Hinings, I, and Royston Greenwood received a research award at this year’s Research Impact and Contributions to Knowledge (RICK) workshop at Cambridge Digital Innovation (Judge School of Business) for this article.

More work in this area is coming up soon. Together with Danielle Logue, Bob Hinings, and Michael Barrett (see picture, from the right), I am editing a volume for Research in the Sociology of Organizations on this very topic. For those interesting in submitting to this volume, we recommend attending our EGOS track at Hamburg 2020.

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