Fellow Austrian Academy of Sciences and more updates

After finishing my dissertation and doing research on crowdwork (see previous blogpost), the Austrian Academy of Sciences awarded me with a Post-DocTrack-Pilotprogram-fellowship of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (19.000 Euro) for continuing to my work on journal manuscripts focusing on crowdsourcing. I will not be able to complete the entire 6-month program, since I will start an assistant professorship (“Juniorprofessur) in digital transformation at the Leuphana University beginning 1st of April 2018 (more on that in my next posts).

In the winter term, I also taught a master course on digital transformation at Leuphana University and took part in activities of the new Digital Transformation Research Center.

I also gave talks on my research at the BI Business School and the University of Innsbruck. Sascha Naderer and I organized a “Food for thoughts” session at the Axis co-working space in Linz, where we sought to transfer our gained insights on crowdfunding to practitioners. I also participated in a discussion on how society can cope and shape digital transformation at the “Das Progressive Zentrum” in Berlin (look at a report of the discussion, I´ve also written a blog post here).


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